Deforestation Watch

Modern predictions and indicators paint a bleak outlook for the planet and unfortunately it is all due to human actions. Deforestation and the spread of barren, arid and useless land is increasing in pace and we are the only ones who can call it to a halt. The questions that need answering quickly before it is too late are how and when. When is obvious, unless we act immediately we will be too late, how is less clear but unless we find the answers soon then we could find ourselves left with nothing but a arid infertile desert of a planet and sooner than you might think.

Perhaps we can blame the men who cut down or burn huge swathes of forest and watch the animals flee to die of starvation after their home and food supply has been destroyed, or those who profit from their actions. Only someone who was insane would do such a thing surely? You certainly wouldn’t want to be associated with those that were involved in such wholesale destruction and slaughter and certainly wouldn’t be involved yourself, right?

Deforestation for Profit
Forests contain many valuable natural resources and the land they cover is also valuable to an ever-increasing human population. People have been making use of these resources ever since we first appeared. Deforestation is a way of making a living, the timber can be sold, and the land can be used for growing crops or grazing herds or to provide land for homes and businesses. Why is this allowed to happen?

Those people that are entrusted by us with the planet are those who are destroying it. Governments give permits and licenses to those who have the money to buy them they then strip the land and make their money. The governments are often poor and the land is more valuable to large corporations than used for conservation and tourism. But these governments are selling off the planets life support system and that cannot continue.

We may be frustrated in the face of such insurmountable obstacles but we can challenge these large corporations by refusing to buy their products and lobby governments to protect forested areas. If enough people say no then they will be forced to act. The planet has been entrusted to all of us and it is up to us to save it even now at the 11th hour it isn’t too late. Even small actions if done by enough people add up to a massive effect.

Reversing Deforestation
Nature on the whole is resilient and bounces back extremely fast if given the chance. However forests are slow to re grow and mature. Once the soil has been eroded it could take centuries for it to build up again and start supporting anywhere near the diversity of life it once did. Millions of species have been wiped out never to be seen again in fact most were never seen by human eyes before being driven to extinction.

This does not we should not try to protect and restore these amazing and diverse habitats, which do so much for us and ask only to be left to exist in return.